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This page should help you find a place to can see capybaras near you. The list contains zoos, aquaria, and petting zoos. Circumstances change, so please be sure to check with the facility before visiting. And make sure you mention that you are there to see the capybaras! Letting zookeepers know that you are interested will help capybaras get the recognition they deserve.

Please help us keep this list up-to-date. If you find one of these facilities no longer keeps capybaras, or you find a facility that has capys but is not on the list, let us know!

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Please help us keep the list up-to-date! If you send a photo, we’ll add it to the page!


Capybara Squadron, at Nagasaki Bio Park (from the official twitter blog)

Entries followed by a date (MM/YYYY) indicate the last time the facility was verified to have capybaras)

United States
.          Little Rock Zoo (10/2017)
.          Out Of Africa Wildlife Park, Camp Verde
.          Reid Park Zoo, Tucson, (10.2017)
.          Tuscon Petting Zoo & Funny Foot Farm (10,2017)
.          Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium, Litchfield Park
.         Chaffee Zoological Gardens, Fresno
…                              (none as of 10/2017, expected 1Q 2018))
.          Charles Paddock Zoo, Atascadero (Query sent 10/24/2017)
.           Happy Hollow Zoo, San Jose (10/2017)
.          Los Angeles Zoo (unlikely 07/2018)
.           Santa Ana Zoo, California (Query sent 10/24/17)
.           San Diego Zoo (10/2017)
.          San Francisco Zoo (10/2017)
.          Denver Zoological Gardens (10/2017)
.         SeaQuest Aquarium, Littleton  (2/2018)
.        Wild Animals Sanctuary, Keenesburg ( no capybaras 07/2018)
.          Brandywine Zoo, Wilmington  (10/2017)
.       Brevard Zoo, Melbourne
.       Dreher Park Zoo/ Palm Beach Conservation Society, West Palm Beach (10/2017)
.           This zoo has a Capybara Experience where you can pet capys.
.        Hattisesburg Zoo, Hattiesburg (10/2017)
.        Jacksonville Zoo, Jacksonville (10/2017)
.        Sunken Gardens, St Petersburg
.       Miami Zoo, Miami (no capybaras (07/2018)
.       Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society, West Palm Beach
.        The Zoo, Gulf Breeze (10/2017)
.         Zooworld, Panama City Beach (11/2017)
.        Zoo BoiseBoise
.        Scoville Children’s Zoo, Decatur (11/2017)
.        Glen Oak Zoo, Peoria (querry 11/3/2017)
.        Mesker Park Zoo, Evansville ( 02/2018)
.       Potawatome Zoo, South Bend (07/2018)
.        Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure, Salina
.         Alexandria Zoo, Alexandria (2/2018)
.         Audubon Nature Institute, New Orleans (2/2018)
.         Baton Rouge
.         Zoo of Acadiana, Broussard
.         Franklin Park Zoo/Stone Zoo, Boston
.         Forest Park Zoo
.          Southwick’s Zoo
.           Salisbury Zoological Park, Salisbury
.           York’s Wild Kingdom
.           John Ball Zoo, Grand Rapids, Michigan (4/2018)
.           International Animal Exchange, Inc., Royal Oak
.           Detroit Zoological Society, Royal Oak
.           Wilderness Park, Birch Run
.             Saint Louis Zoological Park, St. Louis (4/2018)
.             Grant’s Farm, St. Louis
.             Kansas City Zoo, Kansas City (unlikely 07/2018)
.            Hattiesburg Zoo
.            SeaQuest Aquarium (1/2018)
New Jersey 
.             Turtle Back Zoo, West Orange
.             Cape May County Park Zoo
.              Bergen County Zoological Park, Paramus
New Mexico
.              Albuquerque Biological Park
.              Alameda Park Zoo, Alamogordo
New York
.              Adirondack Animal Land, Gloversville (2/2018)
.             Animal Adventure Park, Harpursville (9/2018)
.              Central Park Zoo, New York City (no capybaras 10/2018)
.               Buffalo Zoological Gardens, Buffalo (11/2018)
.               Big Apple Circus, New York (no capybaras 10/2018)
.               Staten Island Zoo
.               Akron Zoological Park, Akron
.               Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, Cincinnati
.               Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
.               Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Columbus
.                African Safari Wildlife Park, Clinton
.                West Coast Game Park, Coos County
.                Wildlife Safari in Winston
.               Lake Tobias Zoo, Halifax (02/2018)
.              Elmwood Park Zoo, Norristown (06/2018)
.              Erie Zoo
.              Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium
South Carolina
.             Riverbanks Zoo, Columbia
.             Waccatee Zoological Farm in Myrtle Beach
.             Chattanooga Zoo, Tennesee
.             Memphis Zoo, Tennessee
.             Brights Zoo, Limestone
.             Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo, New Braunfels
.             Austin Zoo 07/2018)
.            Bayou Wildlife Park
.             Caldwell Zoo, Tyler
.             Cameron Park Zoo, Waco
.            Capitol of Texas Zoo
.             Dallas World Aquarium, Dallas
.             Dallas Zoo Not on display but featured in “Wonders of the Wild” show (07/2018)
.             El Paso Zoo (07/2018)
.            Frank Buck Zoo
.             Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, Glen Rose (10/2017)
.             Gladys Porter Zoo, Brownsville
.             Houston Zoo (07/2018)
.            Oak Creek Zoo, Madisonville (10/2018)
.             Seaquest Aquarium, Ft. Worth
.             San Antonio Zoological Gardens and Aquarium
.                  Can only be viewed on Guided Behind the Scenes Tour
.            Sharkarosa Park
.            TDS Game Ranch
.             The Texas Zoo, Victoria
.            Roer’s Zoofari, Vienna
.            Jozee Roos. Tacoma
.           Henry Vilas Zoo, Madison
.           Irvine Park, Chippewa Falls
.           Racine Zoo, Racine
.           Milwaukee County Zoo

Canada                 Calgary Zoo
Canada                 Toronto Zoo, Scarborough, Ontario
Canada                 Aldergrove Zoo, Vancouver, B.C.
Canada                 Kangaroo Creek Farm, Winfield, B.C.
Canada                 Valley Zoo, Edmonton
Canada                 Biodome, Montreal (currently closed, reopens summer 2019)
Canada                 Bowmanville Zoo, Toronto (Permanently closed on October 10, 2016)
Canada                 Granby Zoo, Quebec

Austria                Vienna Zoo
Belgium              Dierenpark Planckendael
Belgium              Sint-Anna Ranch, Keelstraat 1800 Vilvoorde
Czech Republic Zoological Garden in Jihlava/Czechia
Czech Republic Prague Zoo
Denmark           Copenhagen Zoo
England             Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park
.                            Chessington Zoo in the UK
.                            Chester Zoo, England
.                            Cotswold Wildlife Park, Burford, Oxfordshire
.                            Curraghs Wildlife Park, Isle of Man
.                            Dartmoor Zoo
.                            Drusilla’s Park
.                           Eltisley Wildlife Park, Cambridgeshire (no webpage) (07/2018)
.                            Exmoor Zoo, Devon
.                            Flamingo Land Zoo, North Yorkshire
.                            Hamerton Zoo Park
.                            Howletts Wild Animal Park in the UK
.                            Jimmy’s Farm, Suffolk (1/2018)
.                            Newquay Zoo, Cornwall (4/2018)
.                            Northumberland Zoo, Morpeth (11/2018)
.                            Peak Wildlife Park
.                            South Lakes Wild Animal Park, Cumbria
.                            Southport Zoo (Permanently Closed)
.                           Twycross Zoo
.                           Woburn Safari Park, Bedfordshire (3/2018)
France                Jardin des Plants, Paris
Germany            Schwerin Zoo
.                            Augsburg Zoo
.                            Hannover Zoo
.                            Tierpark Chemnitz, Chemnitz
Greece                 Attica Park Zoo, Spata (04/2019)
Hungary             Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden
Ireland                Fota Island Wildlife Park
Netherlands       Burgers Zoo Arnhem
.                            Apenheul park, Apeldoorn
.                           Artis Zoo, Amsterdam
.Northern Ireland      Belfast Zoo (04/2018)
Poland                Wroclaw Zoo, Poland
Russia                 Moscow Zoo, Moscow (query sent 10/27/2017)
.                            Novosibirsk Zoo (2/2018)
.                            Tula Exortarium, Tula(12/2018)
Scotland             Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland
Slovakia              Zoo Bratislava
Slovenia             Ljubljana Zoo, Ljubljana (10/2017)
Spain                  Barcelona zoo, Spain
Sweden              Kalmarden Animal Park, Norrkoping
.                           Eskiltuna Zoo
Switzerland       Tierpark Zoo, Bern
.                            Zurich Zoo , Zurich
Wales                  Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo

.                        Kobe Zoo, Kobe
.                        Katsurahama Aquarium, Kochi (4/2018)
.                         Nagasaki Bio Park, Nagasaki (10/2017)
.                         Shaboten Animal Park , Izu (10/2017)
.                        Tokushima Zoo, Tokushima (4/2018)
.                        Ueno Zoo, Tokyo

Antilles                  St. Maarten Zoo, Philipsburg, St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles
Australia               Adelaide Zoo, South Australia (12/2017)
.                              Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Queensland (12/2017)
Hong Kong          Ocean Park, Hong Kong (3/2018)
Laos                       Lao Zoo, Vientiane Province (12/2018)
Malaysia               National Zoo, Malaysia (Now known as Negara Zoo)
New Zealand      Wellington Zoo, Auckland  (2/2018)
Singapore            Night Safari of Singapore
South Africa        Cango Wildlife Ranch, Oudtshoorn, South Africa
South Africa        Johannesburg Zoo, South Africa
South Africa        Pretoria Zoo, South Africa
Thailand               Alpaca Hill (10/2017)
Trinidad & Tobago      Emperor Valley Zoo (10/2017)