What Can I Feed My Capybara?

Capybra Grazing

A Captive Capybara Grazing (Mudskipper Rous)

If you’re considering getting a capybara, or if you’re just curious about what people feed them, this post is for you. Capybaras are strict herbivores. In the wild they eat mainly grass, either green or dry. They also browse some and eat fruit that have fallen to the ground. You can imagine that any grazing animal eats a fair number of insects.

The attached PDF covers many, but not all, foods that people give their capybaras.

Things you can feed your capybara

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When I met baby Caplin Rous in July 2007 it changed my life. Losing him to liver disease in January of 2011 changed it again. I want to do what I can to help capybaras live long, happy lives in captivity.

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