Blog Paws Donation!

The giant check

The giant check

Last week (May 8 – 10, 2014) was the annual BlogPaws convention. BlogPaws is a community of people who blog about and for pets. This was the fourth year of my attendance, basically for my blog Capybara Madness. It’s always been a really fun time, pet people are the best people, after all, but this year was extra special for two reasons.

Mia checks out the check

Mia checks out the check

Both of the two reasons are shown in the photo above.

The first is that I got to meet Mia, a six-month-old capybara belonging to Georgianna Davisson. Mia was the first capybara to ever attend a BlogPaws conference. Possibly she is the first capybara to ever attend any conference. She was absolutely adorable and the best behaved capybara ever.

The second thing that made this conference even more perfect was that the ROUS Foundation received a $2,000 donation from Blog Paws! That is going to help a lot of young capybaras like Mia to live longer, healthier lives.  I cannot thank the Blog Paws people enough for this generous donation!

Capybara hog

Capybara hog

I have to admit that I was a bit of a capybara hog at the conference. Mia was so sweet and so cute. She is Garibaldi’s niece and looks just like him, so it was hard not to want to hold her all the time.

Mia and Georgianna

Mia and friend

Above is a photo of Mia visiting with a conference attendee. Mia is a healthy little girl and very sociable!

Thank you again to BlogPaws and Georgianna for making this the best conference ever!

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When I met baby Caplin Rous in July 2007 it changed my life. Losing him to liver disease in January of 2011 changed it again. I want to do what I can to help capybaras live long, happy lives in captivity.

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    • Janet Lutkus says:

      Congratulations Melanie on a job well done. And my I say, you are looking very glamorous (haircut and fabulous outfit). Thanks for your passion and for all you do for these beautiful creatures.

  2. Bonnie Vollbeer says:

    Once again, Melanie, I’d like to congratulate you and the ROUS Foundation. I am sure this generous check will be put to good use. It was really heartwarming to see the photos of you looking happy and healthy at BlogPaws. You are a true survivor in every sense!

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