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While this web page is specifically for the Foundation, it is also intended to serve as a repository of all types of information about capybaras. Along with veterinary care articles, you will find posts about personal experiences with pet capybaras, where to see capybaras in zoos around the world, information about capybaras in the wild and great capybara photographs. From time to time, we will also post about other interesting and lesser-known rodents, especially cavies.

If you are considering getting a pet capybara, please read the blog post about what their requirements are and think very carefully about such a decision. Capybara are large animals. They require a lot of time and patience and can become aggressive. Their large rodent teeth can inflict deep wounds.

If you’re looking for information for an article or school paper, browse around a little but make sure you visit our posts on capybaras in the wild.

Welcome to the wonderful world of capybaras!

A family of wild capybara in Venezuela

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When I met baby Caplin Rous in July 2007 it changed my life. Losing him to liver disease in January of 2011 changed it again. I want to do what I can to help capybaras live long, happy lives in captivity.

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